Everyday people keep searching online for means of making more money while working online; loads and loads of unreliable answers float around over the internet as results from these searches.

Are they real?

Is there a way to ascertain if these means are reliable and trust-worthy?

I will put you through some of the things that you might need to know to be able to create a simplified income generation channel for you and your family.
Research has shown that many women try searching for this means to be able to support their home and other domestic expenses. 

Some of them fall into wrong platforms thinking what they preach is real. But recently, as the active internet community grows in Nigeria, people have used different social media channels to ascertain if these medium is real by asking this question. 

But how do we know if this result that we generate from these communities around our social media are real?

Here are a few tips to get you started.

  •   Do they have a real or physical location?
  •   Is the company registered with the Federal Government (CAC)?
  •   Do they have the company’s account registered with the company’s name?
  •  Do you know real members who testify to their genuity?
  •  What is their capital base before you are paying such amount to them?
  •  Do they have an official website?
  • Check if there are real Phone numbers on their website (if they have any).


HAPPY WORLDMEAL GATE has come with the idea that they are giving out food items and rewarding Nigerians with cash. Now, how can one identify if they are real and can deliver as they have promised to eradicate hunger and Malnutrition in Africa while rewarding Nigerians with cash to support their family, education and other needs?

Research and testimonies have shown some real factors one can rely on to ascertain this facts are real.

      They have a registered office in Nigeria at N0. 81 Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja Lagos and other parts of Nigeria.

      They are registered with the federal Government of Nigeria.

      They have registered bank accounts with Zenith Bank, GTB and more.

   They reward Nigerians who have registered with them daily as evident in the collection of food and other entitlements in their Food Collection Centres nationwide.

      They run a very transparent system where every registered members can follow, see and calculate their entitlements to confirm and demand rightly.

   They have Seminars holding nationwide – Lagos, Ondo, Ekiti, Porthacourt, Kaduna, Kwara etc.

    It is from Africa by Africans with a branch in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Zimbabwe and more as envisaged and proposed by already existing members.

     With Support from companies and respectable individuals in Nigeria, Happy World has penetrated virtually every sphere of the Economy.

      They have a registered website with an excellent customer Service and Support system to see all your complaints settled with ease and immediately.

These are a few of the features we can be looking out for.

I will be bringing more of these with series of facts and live evidence on how we can make money online without much hassle.

See you in the next edition of this topic here.


  1. Wonderful. Expecting the next edition.

  2. Happy world meal gate is the best best and biggest business in Africa so far. Join us and start to benefit free food and cash with no time.


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